Open a door that refreshes your home decors into ‘Chinoiserie’ style

Open a door that refreshes your home decors into ‘Chinoiserie’ style

The term chinoiserie, which comes from the French word chinois, or “Chinese,” denotes that chinoiserie did not, in fact, come directly from Asia but is instead a European interpretation of Asian culture and decorative arts. The term derived from the French word chinois, which means "Chinese," and it's been a popular style in interior design for ages. 

In fact, Chinoiserie dates back to the 17th century, and it was essentially the Western European interpretation of Chinese and East Asian traditions and lifestyles. It spans the full range of decorative arts, including wall coverings, furniture, pottery, textiles, and garden design. After its debut in France, the aesthetic became a fascination with European society over the next century, as trade with China and East Asia grew.

The most common colors in the Chinoiserie painting are black and red. And you will find many classical Chinoiserie products such as wall murals, duvet covers, pillowcases at Decors Market to start your Chinoiserie style traveling.

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