Tropical Pattern, Geometry, and Line Designed decor making a mark on the Beautiful Season

For inspiration, we’ve considered some tried & true methods to bring tropical interior design, into your home with ease.  

With classic, Cuban-inspired tropical decor making a mark on the summer season, we’re looking at simple solutions to bring the tropics into your home interior to create your own retro-inspired oasis. If you aren’t a fan of bold tropical patterns but still want to introduce a fresh tropical vibe into your home, focus on color instead of prints. Blues, yellows, and greens work well when it comes to perking up your home with tropical interior design.

Geometric and line interior design is much less dry but there are some textbook ways to reference it in room styling and scheming. Here’s how to understand and exercise the trend. Without getting too granular on concepts and algebra, the basics of geometric and line design are about focusing on what are referred to as man-made shapes.

It is no doubt that the tropical Pattern, Geometry, and Line Designed decor will make a mark on the Beautiful Season.


-Tropical style